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PE Foam, EVA Foam.
Chi Meng provides various categories of PE/EVA foams. All are compliant with REACH, RoHS 2, PAHS Free (Category 01).

ESD Protection, Conductive/ Anti-Static Foam
Chi Meng provides different grades of ESD Protection foams with surface resistance from 10^4 till 10^11.
EPDM Foam (Sulfur Free, Closed Cell, Open Cell, Fire Retardant, ESD)
Rely on our unique technologies, except traditional sulfur vulcanized EPDM foam, we mainly offer sulfur-free EPDM foam.

Chi Meng EPDM Series available for Sulfur Free, Closed Cell, Open Cell, Fire Retardant (UL94 HF-1), and Anti-Static Series. All are compliant with REACH, RoHS 2.0, PAHS Free (Category 01), etc.


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Founded in 1973, Chi Meng has been the professional foam manufacturer in Taiwan. We produce PE, EVA, Sulfur Free EPDM, Anti-Static, Conductive, Open Cell, High-Elasticity, Shock Absorption foam blocks and with the capability to process materials to products to fulfill customers’ requirement. All above foam products pass RoHS, REACH, and PAHS Free testing. Please feel free to contact us for more details.