ESD Protection, Conductive/ Anti-Static Foam

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LCX, SX, EPDM-AS Series.
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    Chi Meng Industry, Since 1973.


    • Material:EPE,EVA,PE,PU
    • Type:Foam

    Key Features


    ESD Protection, Conductive / Anti-Static


    With the growth of the semiconductor, electronics, optoelectronics industries, the demand for precision electronic components increases rapidly. However, the occurrence of static electricity from the production process, parts transporting as well as friction caused by movements may cause considerable damage and loss. By consistently staying ahead of the curve in the industry, Chi Meng has successively developed Conductive Foam and Anti-Static Foam as solutions.





    Conductive, LCX Series:

    The PE based LCX Series has a low surface resistivity between 104 and 106Ω, making it a perfectly conductive product. Practically, the carbon black is kneaded into PE fundamental materials during a manufacturing process. Thus, there will be no any electric conductive substances, such as carbon black, falling form products. It is also free from environmental pollution.



    Permanent Anti-Static, SXP; Anti-Static, SX, EPDM-AS Series:

    These Anti-Static products have a stable anti-static ability, with surface resistivity 107 ~ 1011Ω. Currently, Chi Meng provides Anti-Static SX Series, using PE/EVA as base materials. Furthermore, to fulfill customer’s special demands, Chi Meng adopts EPDM rubber as fundamental materials, provides Anti-Static EPDM-AS series.






    Featured Products:





    LCX-200#2, LCX-150, LCX-150T, L-2500SX, C-1207SX, C-1207SXP, EPDM-0500AS, SXP-1207, SXP-1206, SXP-0600.

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    EUROPE ,Malaysia ,N-AMERICA ,Singapore ,Taiwan ,Thailand

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