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    Chi Meng Industry, Since 1973.


    • Color:Black
    • Material:EPDM

    Key Features


    EPDM Foam


    Chi Meng has stood out among the peer industry, and started to manufacture synthetic rubber foams since 1982. Now provide three major rubber series of EPDM, CR and SBR foams.


    Following EPDM series also comes in models compliance with UL94-HF1 Fire Retardant & Non-Halogen (EPDM-FR), Low Compression Set (EPDM-A), Economical Type (EPDM-POE), Open Cell (EPDM-OP), and Anti-Static (EPDM-AS) specifications.





    EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) foam is widely used in automotive industries. In addition to sulfur vulcanized EPDM foam, Chi Meng has simultaneously developed its own unique technology to offer sulfur-free peroxide cross-linked EPDM foam that is particularly ideal to use in automotive, electronics and semiconductor industries. Chi Meng also provide EPDM-FR series which is compliance with UL94-HF1 fire retardant class and non-halogen grade.



    EPDM-OP Series:

    Chi Meng has successfully mass-produced the Open Cell foam which is with unique semi-open and interconnected bubble structure. EPDM-OP Series can effectively insulate water, air, heat and fitting on the rough surface. It is widely used in electronics, automotive, and construction industries. Chi Meng also provides sulfur-free EPDM-OP products.



    EPDM-AS Series:

    Currently Chi Meng provides Anti-Static SX Series, using PE/EVA as base materials. In order to meet customer's demands, Chi Meng has developed EPDM based anti-static products--EPDM-AS. EPDM-AS Anti-Static Foam is with a stable anti-static ability. The surface resistivity is between 104 ~ 106Ω, and is widely used in IT and semicomductor industry. 




    Featured Products:




    EPDM-0815, EPDM-1520, EPDM-2025, EPDM-0300, EPDM-0300FR, EPDM-0350, EPDM-0400, EPDM-0400FR, EPDM-0450, EPDM-0500, EPDM-0500FR, EPDM-0650, EPDM-0700, EPDM-0700, EPDM-0500A, EPDM-0400A, EPDM-0350A, EPDM-0300A, EPDM-0700OP, EPDM OP-130, EPDM-0500AS, EPDM-0400AS, EPDM-0501 etc.



    Main Export Market

    EUROPE ,Japan ,Malaysia ,N-AMERICA ,Taiwan ,Thailand

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