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PE Foam, EVA Foam

  • Model No.:L, C, H, PE, XM Series.
  • Certification:CNS ,正字 ,RoHS2002/95/EC ,UL ,ISO 9001 2008 ,REACH
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Chi Meng Industry, Since 1973.

Key Features

PE/ EVA Foam

PE/EVA foam series (known as Molylon® Foams) is a type of chemically cross-linked closed cell foam which mainly comprises of the fundamental materials of PE (Polyethylene) and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). To meet various applications, Chi Meng offers four categories of PE/EVA foams.


Certifications & Approvals: CNS Mark, No. 4017 of “Polyethylene (PE) Foam for Heat Insulating”; MIT "Made in Taiwan" Mark; US UL94-HF1 Fire Retardant; Non-Halogen, etc. 





L Series:

Excellent in heat retention, fireproof and non-flammable properties, and is widely used in construction, air-conditioning and insulation applications, such as the construction projects of TSMC and UMC wafer fabrication plants. It also features the merits of lightweight, waterproof and wide color options, and is commonly used in water sports products. Moreover, model Molylon® L-0600 has demonstrated excellence in expansion joints, anti-seepage and buffering for construction and roadworks. It is now being used in Three Gorges Dam.

C Series:

Better flexibility, toughness, and recoverability. It is widely used in footwear, sports protectors, and sporting goods.

H Series, PE Series:

Higher density and higher hardness. It’s widely used in sports protectors.

XM Series:

Lightweight with high hardness. Apply to yoga bricks and sports articles. 


Featured Products:

L-2500, L-2500R, L-2500NN, L-2500#2N, L-2500A, L-1800, L1800R, L-1207, L0600, C-3000, C-1800, C120727, C-120730, C-120735, C-1206, C-1000B, C-0800, C-0600, C-0500, C-0400, H-2500NN, H2500, H-1800, PE-1301, XM-2001, etc.

Main Export Market

Europe ,Japan ,Malaysia ,North America ,Taiwan, ROC ,Viet Nam

Product Certification: